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People have thrown leaves, flowers and petals over their friends and loved ones to celebrate rites of passage for thousands of years including both weddings and funerals. Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play thunderstruck slot. Increased odds for winning!

The scattering of flowers over a couple as they married was seen as a fertility rite, this particular symbolism has been lost over time but here at Keslowena we use the language of flowers to add meaning to your mix! Get great bonuses on the site with book of ra. Limited offer.

We have a real passion for petals and make sure that we only use the best quality of natural petals we can find. Wherever possible we grow our own and those petals we can’t grow ourselves we source from suppliers we know and trust. All the petals we use are natural with no dyes added, the larger petals (such as the large rose petals) are freeze dried whilst the smaller petals are dried naturally. Gambling has never been so exciting as with 21dukes. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun!

Keslowena Confetti

We have 4 different mixes that you can order direct. Each of the different mixes contains a carefully chosen combination of flower petals and herbs to make sure they look stunning, smell divine and convey the symbolism which is right for you. When you order one of these 4 mixes we will also send you a postcard (1 per bag) which describes the meaning of the mix and lists the different flowers and herbs within; these make lovely keepsakes for you and your guests – and you can always order extra if you need them!


Romance is a classic mix of beautiful petals, representing traditional English beauty, romance and love (what more do you need on your wedding day!?). A sprinkle of lavender helps to calm the nerves and a pinch of a very special Cornish herb to bring you good luck as you start your new life together.


Our Vitality mix looks amazing and the yellow and white petals bring a flash of fun to every wedding. The carefully chosen petals are full of warmth and energy and are associated with protection and security, happiness, adoration and wealth (what’s not to love!). The white petals symbolise playfulness and fun and balance the impact of the gorgeous yellows and golds. A pinch of Cornish good luck is included in the mix!


A light, elegant mix combining different blues and white petals with a pinch of traditional Cornish herbs for good luck. The different blue petals bring lightness and a touch of delicacy to the mix whilst the white petals are associated with fun and playfulness.


Easily our best-selling mix. Lady’s Mantle is an old cottage garden herb associated with Aphrodite and long since used in herbal mixes to provide healing and protection. White petals add fun and playfulness to the mix whilst the delicate pink petals symbolise beauty. We add some lavender to the mix (which smells beautiful) to help calm those nerves and to symbolise love; a pinch of a traditional Cornish herb ensures good luck for you both on your very special day.

Bespoke confetti mixes:

If you would like to create your own mix we are very happy to help you do this. We can suggest petals that will work well with your colour scheme or wedding theme and love helping you create something unique! Contact us with your request and a few details about your plans and we will get back to you with some suggestions for the petals you might want to include.

Flower Meanings Postcards

We believe that the meaning behind the flowers is as important as their appearance so that when your guests shower you with your special petal mix they are also showering you with the blessings and the wishes they symbolise.

Each of our petal mixes are supplied with a post card (or 2 with a 10-cone bag) carrying a picture of the mix and an explanation of the meaning behind it.

These can be given to your guests to remind them of their part in the ceremony or to turn a beautiful gift into something even more special. Some couples use them as Thank you cards to send out to their friends and family after the wedding. If you would like to order extra postcards you can do this in the shop.


We understand how special you want everything to be on your wedding day and we make sure that our confetti feels as special as it looks. All our mixes are supplied in high quality, ivory, organza bags with an ivory satin draw string neck. We add an attractive gift card label which lists the type of confetti and has a small silver metal charm attached which states ‘made with love’ (as indeed they are!). The single bags are also supplied with a small scroll of hand-made Lotka paper with the meaning of the mix printed on it.

How much confetti?

Our confetti is available in 2 sizes – either a single bag (equivalent to a decent handful or plenty to fill one cone) or a 10-cone bag- which as the name suggests is equivalent to 10 decent handfuls or enough to comfortably fill 10 cones.

So how much confetti do you need? We usually find that about half to two-thirds of guests will throw confetti; each of the 10-cone bags will give you plenty for 10 adults to throw. Ultimately the amount of confetti you need depends partly on how you choose to display your chosen mix (see our Confetti Display page), for example if you choose to present every guest with a single bag of confetti petals for them to throw you are likely to need more than if you choose to empty the petals into a hamper so that guests can help themselves. We advise couples to order enough confetti for between half and 2/3rds of guests, so for example if you have 80 guests we would advise you order about 5 of the 10-cone bags.

Biodegradable glitter

Why not add a touch of sparkle to your mix?! Our glitter is environmentally friendly and complements our petals fabulously. We supply the glitter in either a fine cosmetic grade mix or in a chunkier style – both are in silver (we can supply glitter in different colours – just ask!). The glitter is supplied in 5g bags – which might not sound a lot but a little goes a long way!

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