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Welcome to Keslowena

At Keslowena we specialise in providing natural, dried flower petals that use the language of flowers to help you convey what is in your heart. Losing someone you care about is devastating - being able to show how much you care can be hard but can make such a difference.

We know how important a personalised service is for you at this time and we make sure that we always supply every one of our customers with the highest quality, natural dried petals that are just perfect for you.

Keslowena is a small, independent business run by Becky and Megan (Mother and Daughter) and based in Cornwall. We supply beautiful dried petal mixes for all sorts of occasions, including funerals, anywhere in the UK and Europe.

We try hard to make sure that as much of what we supply as possible is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We value each and every potential customer who gets in touch- if you have a question or if you think we can help with anything at this difficult time then please just contact us. We hope to hear from you and want to help you find just what you need.

Funeral Petals

Flowers are a very important part of all types of funeral and our gorgeous petals are very much in that tradition. We use the language of flowers in all our petal mixes to give them special meaning so that you can use them to help show how you are feeling.

We supply beautiful, dried rose petals or mixes of other flower petals, which you can place inside the coffin, throw into the grave or use at the internment to help you express the love you feel. Our single bags of petals also make beautiful in memoriam tokens or keepsakes which some families choose to give to friends and loved ones attending the funeral.

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