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Our petal orbs make beautiful gifts - and come gift wrapped!
Confetti crackers! Try something different and have confetti in a cracker!
An order of Rosebud Petal orbs ready to go - beautiful gifts for the bridal party
Our Vitality confetti mix - gorgeous sunflower, marigolds and delphinium - and just a touch of yarrow!
Some examples of the sort of designs we can create for you with our ribbon backdrops
Becky and Megan - smiling as usual!
A bespoke mix for a happy customer!
Becky's wedding
We supply confetti cones in a range of colours and designs
All our confetti comes beautifully packaged in an organza bag
Use cones and a rustic wicker hamper to display your confetti mix
Flower chandeliers are a beautiful way of decorating a rustic venue
Guests can grab handfuls of petals from this simple hamper display Freeform Images
Roses, elderflower, monks hood and cysts - all ready for drying
Gorgeous tea rose and elderflower
All our glitter is biodegradable – what’s not to love?!
Romance confetti - red rose petals, lavender and yarrow
Our biodegradable cosmetic grade glitter can be added to your petal mix or your make up!
Our Grace confetti mix in one of our beautiful, Lotka paper cones
Joy confetti is one of our best sellers - and looks especially beautiful in this batik design cone
Romance confetti - deep red rose petals, lavender and yarrow - smells divine
We sell our petal mixes in large bags with enough for 10 cones or handfuls or single bags
We supply our petals in single bags as well which make lovely mementoes of a very special day
A crop of ladies mantle ready for drying - ladies mantle brings protection for the couple
A peaceful bluebell wood
Our pink and white delphinium, yarrow and lavender Joy confetti - a photo shoot with Arianne Fenton
Petals make a beautiful addition to a special bath Arianne Fenton
A large bag of our best-selling Joy confetti - ready to go!
The green Lotka paper cone complements our gorgeous Joy confetti mix beautifully Arianne Fenton
A bag full of Joy! Arianne Fenton
A detail from one of our ribbon backdrops
Why not go for a seaside feel with your ribbons?
An English Bluebell
Our confetti crackers can be used for birthdays, anniversaries and any event you want to make extra special
Each of our confetti crackers is filled with a different type of petal and a motto giving the meaning of the flower
Rosebud petal orbs - can be given as gifts or used to decorate your venue
We can make bespoke petal orbs which you can use to decorate your chair backs
Some of our beautiful petal orbs
All our Petal Orbs come beautifully gift wrapped
Joy confetti mix - playfulness, luck and love
Rose funeral petals - a beautiful way to show how much you care
Try our petal station and create your own bespoke mix!
Our confetti crackers can be designed to suit the theme of your event - everything from black tie to Harry Potter!
Gorgeous dried rose buds make beautiful table decorations or keepsakes
Why not use confetti crackers as place settings - we can design the wrap to fit with your theme and fill each cracker full of beautiful petals
Our petal orbs make beautiful and unusual gifts for all sorts of occasions  
The rosebud petal orbs are especially popular
The petal orbs make gorgeous decorations around the venue - try hanging them on the backs of chairs like this
Sunflowers ready for drying - we use sunflower petals in our Vitality confetti mix
All our bags of confetti come beautifully packaged
Keslowena and Bride magazine!
Lady's mantle drying on the rack
Chamomile is one of the more unusual herbs we can add to your mix for either confetti or funeral petals
Rosebuds make beautiful keepsakes at Funerals
Simple white rose petals - purity of love
Becky looking beautiful as ever at a Christmas Fair!
Confetti crackers - a perfect ice breaker - gorgeous too!
Bags of confetti from Keslowena!
One of our beautiful ribbon bag drops repurposed as a bed head
Gift wrapping is so important
Yellow and white rose petals combined with green hydrangea symbolise love and friendship
Our hand-made guest books - the paper is fully stainable and comes complete with petals!
Go all out for fabulous with our biodegradable glitter!
Our petal orbs come in all shapes and colours
These hampers and cones are the perfect way to display your petals
Bags of confetti with love-in-the-mist
We love a good Wedding Fair!
Becky and Megan framed
Use one of our white wicker hampers to display your petals - perfect!
You can just pile up bags of confetti in a pretty hamper for guests to help themselves
Crackers galore!
Dried yarrow - we add a pinch or two to each confetti mix as a traditional Cornish symbol of Good Luck
Our bags of funeral petals are packaged with a sprig of Rosemary for remembrance
Pink and white rose petals - just gorgeous
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We sell our petal mixes in large bags with enough for 10 cones or handfuls or single bags
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