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All our confetti is completely natural, bio-degradable and free from any artificial colour or dye. They are either home-grown or sourced from local suppliers wherever possible.

Keslowena Petal Mixes

A range of Keslowena mixed confetti containing carefully chosen flower petals and herbs symbolising different characteristics is available. Each of the Keslowena mixes has a different meaning and will be supplied with postcards explaining the meaning behind the mix which you can give to your guests. You also have the option to personalise the cards with your names and the date of the wedding should you wish.

Petal Mix: Romance

This mix contains lavender, rose petals and a pinch of yarrow; yarrow is traditionally carried by Cornish bridesmaids as it brings luck and good fortune to the Bride and Groom. Lavender calms those wedding day nerves as well as symbolising beauty and love. The rose, of course, represents the very special love you have for each other. Keslowena!

Petal Mix: Vitality

This mix brings together male and female characteristics into one joyous whole. Marigold is a plant associated with the sun and is full of warmth and energy and represents protection and security whilst it’s partner, the Sunflower symbolises adoration, happiness, health and wealth. White delphinium petals bring softness to the mix representing fun, gaiety and playfulness whilst the jasmine combines male and female influences representing love, modesty and joy. Yarrow is included in all our mixes and is a traditional part of a Cornish wedding bringing luck and good fortune to the happy couple. Keslowena!

Petal Mix: Grace

This is a light and frothy mix,the blue cornflower symbolises daintiness and delicacy but also truth whilst the delphinium petals bring fun, gaiety and playfulness to the mix. Yarrow is traditionally part of a bridesmaid’s bouquet in Cornwall and is supposed to bring luck and good fortune to the couple. Keslowena!

Petal Mix: Joy

Lady’s mantle is an old cottage garden herb associated with Aphrodite, it has long been used in herbal mixtures to provide healing and protection. Delphinium brings fun, playfulness and gaiety to the mix whilst the pink delphinium petals in particular, symbolise beauty and harmony. Lavender represents love as well as as having a calming influence. Yarrow is a traditional Cornish symbol at weddings and brings good fortune and luck to the couple. Keslowena!

Flower Meanings Postcards

We believe that the meaning behind the flowers is as important as their appearance so that when your guests shower you with your special petal mix they are also showering you with the blessings and the wishes they symbolise.

Each of our petal mixes and pot pouri are supplied with a post card (or post cards for 10-cone bags) carrying a picture of the mix and an explanation of the meaning behind it. We can also supply postcards to complement our bespoke, décor range – just ask us when ordering.

These can be given to your guests to remind them of their part in the ceremony or to turn a beautiful gift into something even more special. Some couples use them as Thank you cards to send out to their friends and family after the wedding.

We are also happy to personalise your postcards – we can make sure the prose is worded just how you want it and can also include your names and the date of your wedding – just let us know what you would like. This is subject to a minimum order of 25 postcards. You can order bespoke postcards by filling in the form here.

A complementary postcard showing the confetti mix and meaning is included when you buy any of our petal mixes. If you would like to order extra postcards you can do this in the shop.

How much confetti do you need?

We sell our confetti in single bags (the equivalent of one cone’s worth) and in larger bags which we make sure will fill 10 of our cones;equivalent to 10-15 handfuls of petals. You can of course buy multiples of each.

The single bags of confetti are very attractive, packaged in ivory, organza bags with a pull tie ribbon at the neck. Each bag is labelled with the name of the confetti and the meaning behind the petals. You can use these to hang on the back of your guests’ chairs, to have available in one of our decorated hampers or baskets for guests’ to help themselves to or you may just want one bag as a gift or to take to a friend’s wedding to throw.

Our 10 cone bags are also packaged in ivory organza; they can be used to fill cones which you then display in one of our decorated hampers or the petals can be emptied into one of the wicker baskets for guests to take handfuls each when the time comes to throw. Another popular option is to empty the petals into attractive paper bags which again can be displayed in one of our range of hampers so that guests can pass the bags around and help themselves.

You will probably find that not all of your guests will wish to throw confetti – as a general rule the ladies tend to be keener than the men we find (though we have known some men who are very enthusiastic throwers – so never rule anyone out!). As a guide, we suggest buying enough confetti to allow ½ - ¾ of your guest to throw – though you will be the best judge of this.

Table Confetti

Our petal mixes also make a very attractive addition to your table decorations. We have a selection of beautiful rose petals which are too large for throwing (they are rather less aerodynamic!) but which look beautiful scattered across tables. We sell these in gauze bags big enough to provide you with enough to scatter generously across 3-4 tables (5 foot in diameter). We package the petals in the same organza bags.

As well as the large rose petals, you could consider adding in some of the rose buds we have available which are really pretty and make a very attractive addition to the mix.


Why not add a touch of sparkle to your petal mix? Our glitter is bio-degradable so is environmentally friendly just like the petals. We can supply a range of different colours and sizes.

The hexagonal, silver glitter consists of pieces approximately 1mm wide and is great used to add to confetti, pot Pourri or scattered on tables.

The cosmetic grade glitter comes in a wider range of colours and is so fine that it coats the petals naturally giving great photographs – especially if you are getting married outside and the glittery petals catch the sun as they are thrown. A word of caution however – this glitter may transfer onto you if it is thrown over you – some brides are very happy to be covered in glittery fabulousness for the rest of the day – but others would rather just keep the glitter for their photographs! Do make sure your guests and photographer know how you want to use the glitter before they start throwing!

Bespoke mixes

If you would like to make up your own mix and create a very personal message, we have a range of dried flowers and herbs which we can put together to create a confetti mix which is very special to you. We will be very happy to advise you on this. We will also supply personalised cards with your meaning and the message you have created.

The Daffodil

This herald of spring represents gallantry and shows others the esteem in which you hold them. The Daffodil can also be used to symbolise fertility, love and luck.

Delphinium Petals

Delphinium is a beautiful plant; tall and elegant and a froth of flowers. Delphiniums symbolise beauty, fun, gaiety and playfulness. They also have a gentler side representing inner beauty, the return of a friend and sweetness of character. The different colours provide a further layer of meaning.

Marigold Petals

The Marigold is a hardy, sun loving plant traditionally associated with male characteristics. Its golden petals symbolise protection, riches and deep affection. It has also been associated with prophecy and psychic powers.


The beautiful Cornflower is a meadow flower which comes in different colours including blue; it symbolises daintiness, delicacy, happiness and joy. It can be used to bestow caring, contentment and healing.

The Rose

The rose has many meanings and forms; all types of rose are traditionally associated with love. The full and very joyous tea rose symbolises remembrance and healing. Unopened rose buds are a symbol of loves beginning and happiness at what is to come whilst a red rose symbolises desire, passion and love.

The Rose has long been associated with Aphrodite and can also be used to represent motherhood and feminine sensuality. The different colours of roses can be used to add a further layer of meaning.


Lavender is a very old, traditional cottage garden plant. It is said to ‘help with the trembling’s’ and has long been used to calm and soothe. It also symbolises devotion, happiness, love, peace and protection – and smells wonderful!


Yarrow is a traditional cottage garden plant. It represents courage and is known to be a cure for heartache bringing love and healing. Tradition has it that Cornish bridesmaid’s always carry Yarrow in their bouquets to bring luck and good fortune to the happy couple.

Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle is a beautiful, cottage garden plant. It produces clusters of frothy, yellow green flowers; it’s leaves are shaped in such a way that they collect rain water and dew drops. This was thought to be the purest form of water and was often used in blessings and spells. It provides comfort, healing and protection.


This is sometimes also called Baby’s Breath and is a traditional wedding flower.The tiny white flowers symbolise purity and fidelity.


The tall and haughty Sunflower symbolises adoration, devotion, loyalty and wisdom; Sunflower petals can also be used to bring fertility and happiness.


Jasmine is a gentle, beautifully scented plant, evocative of warm summer evenings; it’s petals symbolise grace, love, sensuality and joy.


The silvery seed heads of Honesty can be used as table decorations or in Pot Pourri. Honesty represents flexibility, trustworthiness, sincerity and wealth.

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